What is a Sub-Group?

A Sub-Group is any group of people who gather for a common purpose. Some purposes include:

  • Academic -- writing workshops, unit studies, science labs, 4-H, etc.
  • Fellowship -- providing like-minded friends for our children and ourselves
  • Faith -- prayer and service
  • Geographic -- gathering families from an area or a church

Why form a Sub-Group?

The benefits are many:

  • Support -- encouragement, fun, fellowship, prayer
  • Reinforcement -- Group learning reinforces home learning
  • Shared workload -- Some things can't be accomplished alone
  • Accountability -- meeting deadlines, staying on schedule, achieving goals
  • High Standards -- Work will be presented to the group
  • Shared talents -- One's weaknesses may be filled by another's strengths
  • Confidence -- We can learn from each other in our weak areas
  • Interaction -- Close relationships within a safe environment
  • Feedback -- Others can help us see weaknesses and strengths that we sometimes overlook

How do you start a Sub-Group?

  • Determine your purpose
    • Write a statement of purpose. A statement of faith is also advisable. It is important that from the beginning the group is of one mind. Be specific. Cover goals, discipline, and philosophy of education.
  • Decide on your membership
    • Invite people you know are of like mind. Unknown people are welcome but all must agree to your statement of purpose and statement of faith.
  • Schedule a parents' meeting
    • This may work best during the summer. Consider the questions below.
  • Make a calendar for the year
    • You may need to schedule another planning meeting to discuss further details for the year.
  • Questions to consider
    • Do we all agree with the statement of purpose and the statement of faith?
    • How often will we meet?
    • How will we handle discipline?
    • How large will we allow our group to get?
    • Where will we meet?
    • Will we split into younger and older groups or meet all together?
    • What are our plans for toddlers?
    • Will we hire a sitter for babies?
    • What is the most we will pay for a field trip or guest speaker?
    • How will fathers be involved?
    • Will there be assignments for children between group meetings?

List of sub-groups.

For information about any of these Sub-Groups either send an email to the organization's Secretary, leave a voice message at (517) 783-9378 or send a letter requesting information about Sub-Groups to:

Jackson Area Home Educators
P.O. Box 6380
Jackson, MI 49204