Special Needs

Periodically, we receive requests to help get families with "special needs" students connected with other families who may have similar needs. Each year, as new families emerge on the home-school front, we meet many who are endeavoring to teach "special needs" children. We appreciate their commitment and perseverance to a job that may not show quick results. The parents meet the challenge of educating their children without many of the tools that other home-school families have.

JAHE periodically promotes or provides workshops related to this topic. The most recent of these was held on April 14, 2007 and featured Diane Craft. Please watch the weekly announcements or the monthly newsletter for additional workshops on this topic.

Another tool that may be helpful to these families is a comprehensive section on Struggling Learners from the Home School Legal Defense Association.

A JAHE family recommends Christian Homeschool Fellowship on the Web, a homeschooling web site with many helpful forums. They have recently added a forum for struggling learners. The JAHE family has found this site to be well monitored by strong believers, and helpful in a practical sense, too.

We would also like to make you aware of the National Challenged Homeschoolers Association Network (NAATHAN). This is a Christian organization that helps other families with children with special needs by providing support, information and networking with other families throughout the United States. You can contact them at:

National Challenged Homeschoolers Association Network
PO Box 39
Porthill, ID 83858

Several other on-line resources that you might find helpful include: